Children’s Education

From Army HQ – Bereavement Support Service

We have recently been made aware of a Government initiative regarding the further education of bereaved children; the attached Defence Information Notice describes the intent and the procedures. You will see that it aims to provide children of those Army personnel who have died, and whose death was attributable to service, ie on active duty in Iraq or Afghanistan, or on duty elsewhere, a head start in life by enabling them to obtain a university degree or further education training.

There is an eligibility criteria that you will need to read and understand prior to completing the enclosed forms, once completed both forms should be returned together to Veterans (UK) at the address supplied in paragraph 12 of the attached letter. Any questions that you may have in relation to an application should be directed to the Scheme Adjudicator at the same address.

Annex A Scholarship Rates for Academic Year 2012
AFBSS September 2014