Regular Forces Employment Association Limited (RFEA Limited)

The Association’s priority is helping those leaving the Armed Forces to find and remian in employment, but they can also assist widow/ers. It is a registered charity able to offer clients a free service. Where your spouse was entitled to a resettlement allowance it may be possible for you to apply for the package to assist you to undertaking a course/training which might assist you in returning to work. We recommend you contact your Visiting Officer to ask about this.

RFEA can provide

  • A responsive counselling and job finding service
  • Local job market advice and known employers
  • Personal assistance from an employment consultant
  • Continued support to retirement age
  • Benefits to employer
  • A no-cost and local recruitment service
  • A personal and responsive employment consultant

The Association operates a network of branches throughout the UK.

For more information please visit their website RFEA.

Women’s Returners’

Women Returners is a website with lots of useful tips and links for women returning to work after a career break taken for many reasons including children, or even becoming a carer. There are also some useful links on returning to learning as well as to work.